Trip Update February 17, 2015

Dear Friends of the Jef Jel Project,
I returned Sunday from Senegal in what turned out to be a very exciting trip ,in many ways. Two of our projects are proving to be extremely beneficial to our Village.
The first one is our preschool. It got off to a slow start two years ago. Since attendance is not mandatory our 3,4 and 5 year olds were a little reluctant to attend. Our teachers would hang around outside trying to promote them to come on in and give it a try. Obviously they have been successful! This year classrooms are full and you feel the enthusiasm of our kids. These young kids are learning English, French and Arabic. Our three instructors are exceptional and are preparing our young people to be very competitive as they move on to regular school. This is so evident in the enthusiasm and eagerness they show in the classroom. I have attached a very short video of 27 kids in the English class, 27 kids who  attend because they want to not because they are required to. Do not miss this video it will thrill your heart.
The second project is the Anna Daniels Girls Scholarship Fund. This fund will cover educational cost for young ladies from the 4th grade through College. The first recipients were chosen at the start of this school year and will remain in the program as long as they keep their academic standing in the classroom. Each year a new group will be added. To kids who have never had any hope for the future, never had a pat on the back for accomplishments this program is priceless. We had a special dinner to honor these girls and I can’t explain the joy and excitement in their faces. In our Country kids get trophy’s for finishing last, these kids are receiving recognition for the first time ever. I have included a photo of each young lady and their proud mothers. Don’t miss any of the eight winners. They refer to themselves as Anna’s Girls.
We thank the Daniel family for starting this very significant program. We gladly accept donations to this fund and if you would like to support one of them yourself we would be pleased to arrange that, its not a large amount of money.
I have included two photo’s of the medical clinic we recently completed’ working with Peace Corp Volunteer, Rachael Sullivan, in her Village of Tanda Mboudaye. This is our 4th clinic and replaces their original clinic which was destroyed several years ago by a tornado. There was a large celebration to open the clinic and the Villagers offered many thanks to Jef Jel.
One disappointment was not getting to see our tractor. The boat from Hong Kong was two weeks late. The tractor was still on the boat so I missed seeing it. We did meet with our Moringa partner Mr.Abdou Faye and are preparing to start growing this plant for him. Google Moringa and see what a fantastic plant this is. People refer to it as a miracle tree. This should be a real economic boost for area.
Lastly I have included a picture of me receiving an IV from our Director Aida Loum who found one somewhere. Aida is a nurse, thank goodness, and probably saved my life.  Food poisoning led to dehydration and my blood pressure dropped to 77/41. Aida came up with the IV and stabilized my pressure enough to get me home. As I said it was an exciting trip. My wife, Colline, was not to thrilled about this part of my trip.
Thanks to all of you who support our project so faithfully. I wish you each could travel with me one time to meet the nicest, generous, most caring people you will ever meet. Thanks also for not grading my typing, spelling and punctuation. I’m afraid I would not qualify for an Anna Daniel scholarship. Remember 100% of your contribution go directly to a project, no overhead and if you wish to be removed from our mailing list just let me know. We are a 501c3 organization.
Blessings to all
Candler Broom
The Jef Jel Project
813 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, Ga. 30030
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Below is the link to the school video.