October 2011 updates

A lot of good news to report from our last trip to Senegal. Ward Broom and I returned on October 5th after eight days at the Village of Ndangane. Everyone there sends their greetings and thanks to their American friends for the love and assistance provided to them. It was very hot and humid with lot’s of mosquitoes but the Villagers’ enthusiasm makes it all worthwhile. You will never meet nicer people.

1. Chicken Project – Ward (known as the Big Chicken in the Village) has done a great job working with the Villagers in construction of the house and procedures in handling the chickens to create jobs and help them earn some income. They have raised two batches to date. On the first batch they made $4.00 and on the second they made $250.00. Being in the black for the first two tries, I think, is remarkable. Ward has now set up procedures where they will be able to sell chickens on a daily basis to keep their customers supplied daily instead of having them available only every seven weeks. This is a project where we loaned the Villagers the start up money which will be repaid by year end.
2. Micro Finance – Our Village women have come up with five groups, each with five members, who will submit their projects that we will finance and they will repay at the end of their projects. They are really excited about the prospects of earning their own money and a bit of good natured competition has been created.Jennifer Broom is the force behind this project.
3. The Kellie Lartigue Ndiaye Clinic – Fantastic news here. Our Clinic is one of fifteen in our District. With the work Jef Jel has done here it is now the envy of the others.The District Doctors work out of the main Clinic in NDofan. They want the main Clinic to be as nice as ours and have asked for our assistance. This is exactly what we were looking for, to build our model Clinic and have the others want to do the same. Kellie would really be excited about this. Thanks to all who helped to achieve this goal. We now add more projects but this is what we want, more challenges.
3. Chicken Transportation – Thanks to the Decatur Presbyterian Church, The Imlay Foundation and the Lartigue family for providing the funds needed to purchase a mini-truck to transport our chickens to market. Without refrigeration we need to get the chickens to market as quickly as possible and now we have that capability. It can also serve as an emergency vehicle for the Villagers. This is our largest purchase to date and has depleted our coffers.

Future Projects:
1. Tractor – This is really needed. We have the land and the people but need a small tractor. This will provide jobs, food and income.
2. Solar Lighting – We have three compounds in the Village with six to ten huts each. We are supplying power to one compound now and for about $800.00 we could do the other two enabling lights for kids to study and have more quality family time.
3. School Bathrooms – See picture attached and you will understand this need.
4. Peace Corps – We have recently made contact with the US Peace Corps, who have a large presence in Senegal. It would be great to have their support in our area, especially with our agricultural projects. Thanks to Peace Corps Volunteers Jen, Clare, Rita and Kathleen who took time to meet with us and discuss the Jef Jel Project. If you want to see real American young people in action,check out the Peace Corps, you will be proud.

Our board has elected Ward Broom as a Director beginning January 2012. I have included some picture to show you what is going on in Ndangane. Please take the time to look at them. #1 our new chicken house. #2 School toilets needing our assistance. #3 Our new mini-truck. #4 Meeting with the Women’s Committee where every project starts. #5 One of our new Village toilets #6 The Jef Jel fleet. These pictures are attached or at the end of this letter depending on your system. We will be going back in late January or early February and would love to have company.Sleeping in your tent under a giant Baobab tree is priceless.

We really need to replenish our funds so if you need a year end tax deduction please consider Jef Jel. 100% of our funds go directly to a project and we let you know where yours are used. We have no overhead.

You can send them to:

                                    The Jef Jel Project
813 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, Ga. 30030

I have added new names to our list, which is completely private, if you wish to be removed just let me know. We completely understand. Thanks(Ja Jef) Candler Broom (Papa Jeneba) Director The Jef Jel Project

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