June 2011 Updates

We have had some exciting progress in the last few months. Three bathrooms were completed, two in our Village of Ndangane and on at the little Market in Latmingue. Real excitement has been generated by our first venture into “micro finance”. We have made a loan to the Villagers to start a chicken venture. They have completed construction of a building to house the chickens and have put 300 chicks in for a test run. It’s an 8 week cycle so the first group should be going to market in just a few days. If things work according to plan they should generate a profit and begin paying back the loan. This will help provide some more jobs and some income to the Villagers. Please see the photos attached of both these projects. There are a lot of people to thank and we would especially like to thank, Mr. Pat Pattillo, The Imlay Foundation,Decatur Presbyterian Church,Wallace and Perky Daniel,The Bryan Foundation,Travis and Caroline Huffines, Jeri and Josh Talley and Tom Beard and their people at Solutions Pharmacy. Also, a big thanks to Ward Broom, Bomar Ganar (Woolof for The Big Chicken) who is handling the chicken project.

Our next project will be roofing for one of the school buildings in Latmingue that at present is not usable and refurbishing of their bathrooms and an upgrade on our two millet machines, to have them ready by harvest time. We are planning another trip in late September and would welcome any hard souls looking for a rewarding adventure. Please enjoy the pictures attached and I will update you when we get our results from the first batch of chickens. I almost forgot to mention, Karim was here in June and got the opportunity to thank Decatur Presbyterian Church at the Sunday morning service. He did a great job.

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