April 2012 updates

Dear Friends of The Jef Jel Project,

Ward Broom and I returned from our Last visit to our Village on March 28th. Once again it was a very productive trip with with many good items to report. As always I will be as brief as possible and hit just the major highlights. The Villagers always look forward to our coming and greet us with love and appreciation. A look at what has recently been accomplished and what is on the to-do list follows:

1. Work has begun on renovation of the larger Medical Clinic at Ndoffane. This is the Clinic that our Area Doctors work out of. These Doctors have responsibility for our Clinic in Latmingue and the other 15 smaller Clinics in our District.

Dr.’Barre and Dr. Ndjaye saw what could be done by the work at our Clinic and ask if we could do the same for theirs. This is a huge compliment from them and is exactly what we hoped would happen from our efforts in Latmingue. Theirs is a much larger Clinic and a bigger challenge but with the help of our Friends we have the resources to begin work. I have included a photo of initial work there.

2. Chicken project is moving slowly but we are still learning a lot about what what and what not to do do. We are really learning about solar power and how to use it on our chicken house. We are at the stage we need to enlarge the house so we can add chickens and start making some money. Ward( known as the Big Chicken there) has the project in hand and we look for profits to soar?(we hope)

3. Women’s micro finance projects will begin as the agriculture season progresses. We have five groups of five women each ready to begin.


1. After a meeting with the Women’s Council we are focusing on the building of aPre-School facility at our Village, Ndangane. This will give the women time to devote to other things and give our kids a head start with their education. I don’t know much about pre-schools in Senegal but can only assume there are not very many of them. Thanks once again to our Friends we should be able to begin work very soon

2. We are looking to provide lighting for each of the huts in our Village. As we learn more about what solar products are available we feel like we will be able to do this at a reasonable cost.

3. There are two more nice huts in Ndangane with beds and a toilet so please come visit. You will have a great experience with wonderful people and the food and price can not be beat.

4. Thanks to two Peace Corp Volunteers, C.J.Pedersen and Andrew Oberstadt who have been helping our Village with some Mango rooting. Thanks!

Some items that could really be used at all the Clinics are listed below. If you have access to any of these in quantity let us know either donated or at a price we can afford.

Ward and I will be returning the first of December and would love to have some company. As I always say 100% of donations go directly to a project. We have no overhead, as you can probably tell by my email and if you would like to have your name removed just let me know.

We and our Villagers love and appreciate each and everyone of you. I have included a picture of the work at the Clinic in Ndofanne, a picture of the Women working on their garden and one of the kids with their new Jef Jel tee shirts. Everyone in the Village got one.

Jef Jel Project
813 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, Ga.30030

Needed Items for our Clinics:


  • tongue depressors
  • tylenol
  • surgical gloves
  • compress for burns
  • exam gloves
  • alcohol
  • syringes 5-10ml
  • neulizer
  • safe birthing kits
  • arterial blood samplers
  • antibiotics
  • vitamins
  • hand sanitizer



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