Mission Statement

“Jef Jel” is an expression in the Wolof language of Senegal that comes from the words “jef” meaning “effort” and “jel” meaning “take.” Together, “jef jel” translates to “give and take” or that “the nature of your reward equals the nature of your effort.”

Ndangane is a small, rural fishing and farming village within the region of Kaolack in Senegal, West Africa. Our mission is to provide vital assistance to struggling communities in Senegal so that they can fully participate in their local economies.

As a result of THE JEF JEL PROJECT efforts, people of the Ndangane, a small rural village in Senegal, West Africa, will be able to participate in local trade markets to the full potential of their natural and human resources. The villagers will rely less on migrating to larger towns and cities for unpredictable lengths of time and unpredictable living conditions in pursuit of occasional money-making opportunities. Through the Jef Jel Project, the people of Ndangane will:

• live and survive within a familial social support system

• establish entrepreneurial activities in the agricultural, fishery, and artist industries

• have timely access to quality health care

• have the means to pursue education without jeopardizing the success of their income-generating activities or their progress toward financial independence.

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